Lonten - LT3000TL

Lonten - LT3000TL
Lonten - LT3000TL
Produsent: Lonten
Varenummer: LT-3000TL
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LT-3000TL/4000TL/4600TL series Dragon New Energy inverters are designed for residential applications such as small and medium sized PV systems developed for efficient string inverters, has a beautiful shape, easy operation, high conversion efficiency and cost advantages



Advanced technology

•       High efficiency transformerless topology

•       High-performance Sic and Super-Junction power devices inside

•       Wide MPPT range

•       Dual MPPT for independent or parallel inputs mode

•       Optimized MPPT algorithm for better energy harvesting

•     Automatic protection against over/under voltage, overload, over-temperature, islanding, short circuit, etc.

Easy to use

•       Applicable for indoor & outdoor with IP65

•       Flexible communication with RS485 & Ethernet

•       Unique sound control function

•       Pluggable waterproof connector

Durable in use

•      Compact design

•      No Fan design for higher reliability and lower noise

•       High-strength shell

•       Anti-thief design

•       -year warranty

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